TRAILER | Introducing The WordPress Weekender Podcast with Amberly R. Carter

Hello? Hello. What’s up WordPress weekenders. I’m Amberley hosted the WordPress weekend or podcast. I’ll get into the episode in just a second, but I have to ask, have you ever had a brilliant idea that you wanted to launch online, maybe a podcast or even a blog or an online boutique and thought to yourself that you designed the website all by yourself to save money, but then found yourself wanting to throw your computer across the room because you had a terrible experience with.

Maybe you thought it was too hard or too complicated to learn all on your own and left you completely fresh. Maybe you were overwhelmed, unsure of how to use the platform or simply just didn’t know where to start. I bet you were so busy trying to figure out WordPress that you hadn’t even thought about all the other moving parts to your launch.

Like what to say on your sales page, or if you should seek out sponsors or how soon to start promoting this is exactly why. I created the launch, like a pro roadmap to help you plan your next launch with WordPress. This fancy principal Canva template has everything you need to map out your WordPress launch from start to finish.

And the best part is that after you answer all the prompts and complete all the work, you’ll have exactly what you need in hand to customize your WordPress website before you even hop back on the computer. So if you were on the verge of quitting, let me reassure. And you don’t have to throw the baby out with the bath water or your laptop out the window.

You can launch your dreams online and you most certainly can launch with WordPress. Normally you’d find this roadmap inside of my online shop for $15, but I’m offering it to you complimentary for being a loyal listener. I can’t say that it’s free because you’ve still got to put in the work, but all it’s going to cost you now is a little brainpower.

Look inside the show notes or go to hello, to grab this complimentary room. Okay, now let’s get started. Hey girl, I’m back. And I’m really excited to introduce to you my new podcast, the WordPress weekender. I’m super excited to introduce this podcast to you today because it is a project that I have dreamed about for such a long time.

I am absolutely obsessed with WordPress and all things blogging. And I’ve been running my business for about 15 years now. And I’ve been blogging for forever since blogs were thing. Like, I dunno, I, I started in college. And I just never stopped, you know, it was, it became like a hobby for me. Then when I learned how to make money on the internet, like it was over for y’all.

So I have to tell you all the things about blogging and what my life has been like since I found WordPress, but not just about the platform WordPress, but what it can do for you and how I power my launches through the platform of. So there’s lots that you can look forward to this season, not just me rambling about launching, but also just talking about the future of work for black women and how that’s changed, especially since the pandemic.

And what I want you to know about that right now is that we’re deciding what we want to do with our futures. Ladies. We’re not just sitting back, letting people tell us how to live and how to go after the things that we want. We’re making the. And we’re setting new ones and new standards and really not taking any BS from anybody.

And I’m so, so proud of us for making that decision, because now it finally means that we get to decide the future of our work and what that looks like. We’re creating more freedom, we’re creating more luxury. And that’s what it’s all about. Being able to see ourselves as something different than what the world has told us that we.

And being able to go after the things that we truly want in this lifetime. So we know that we’re doing it all for those who come behind us. And those who walk beside us, this podcast is going to be all about empowering you to go after your dreams and to feed the dream, to own your success and to build the life that you love through the power of WordPress.

So you can look forward to seeing this podcast on a weekly basis. Right. And I know it is very hard to be consistent and to stay on top of these things. But you know, what I think is important, I think I need to do it. So I’m going to find the time I’m going to make the time to show up for you and be here to answer any questions that you have around launching your next launch in WordPress until next time bye-bye.