Equity in the Workplace

  • Should We Stop Making the Business Case for Diversity?

    Reflections on the Harvard Business Review article entitled “Stop Making the Business Case for Diversity”. This is a tough one for me… I’m still processing this article but here are my first thoughts: 1. The business case for diversity is not for your candidates… How you share this info with them could be harmful and […]

  • Could Your Coworkers’ Bias Be Affecting Your Productivity?

    Do your coworkers have you calculating your clap-backs? At the very least, it’s their job to give people resources and help them access information, but a petty coworker doesn’t care. In fact, this person may force you to overthink their inappropriate language and inappropriate behaviors. I used to spend hours ruminating over exclusive encounters, re-reading […]

  • Amberly to Speak at 2023 Institute Day

    Amberly will be presenting along side Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) colleagues and students for Institute Day on March 3rd, 2023. Professional Learning Day at IMSA coincides with annual Institute Day in Kane and DuPage Counties, but is not limited to teachers from those locations. Educators from all over the state attend this full-day […]